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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2009

Fall 2009 A Successful Industry Collaboration Model Greg Morose, Toxics Use Reduction Institute. A presentation on lead in electronics. What is it used for? What can it be replaced with? Who is working together to replace it in industry? What are the methods for solving this?
  Advising TURA Dick Clapp. An account on advising in the TURA program.
  Alternative Planning John Fischer, MassDEP. Instructions on establishing a resource conservation plan and implementing a TUR EMS. What requirements do you have to meet? Related to energy, water, and chemical conservation.
  Alternative Resource Conservation Vicor. Resource conservation allows you to not only be green for conservation efforts, but also for generating green dollars towards the bottom line.
  Applying the Precautionary Principle to Consumer Household Cleaning Cara Bondi, MS Senior Research Scientist at Seventh Generation, Inc. The precautionary principle states that when a risk towards human health or the environment is present, measures should be taken towards safety even if risks are not fully understood. How do we manage this with antimicrobials?
  Asset Protection TUR and Sustainability Frank Marino, Raytheon Company. The ultimate goal is a sustainable society. A presentation on Central Chemical Management.
  Clean Production and Green Chemistry Internationally Beverley Thorp, Clean Production Action. A campaign on toxics from Canadian sewage treatment plants. Working within REACH to lower heavy metal levels from wastewater.
  EHS Management Systems PerkinElmer Salem. PerkinElmer describes its business model to improve health and safety of people and environment. A worldwide business that aims to eliminate hazardous chemicals in its manufacturing.
  Engineered Nanoparticles Su-Jung (Candace) Tsai, Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing; Michael Ellenbecker, TURI. Current knowledge concerning nanoparticle toxicity and exposure. Assessments regarding their use in replacement of toxic materials.
  Examples of Regulatory Integration of Toxics Use Reduction Lee Dillard Adams, MassDEP. A presentation on examples of integration regulation with business.
  Greener Routes to Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants Ramaswamy Nagarajan and Jayant Kumar, University of Massachusetts Lowell. Issues, mechanisms, and desired properties of flame retardants.
  Hands On Assistance TURI Lab Jason Marshall, Lab Director at TURI Lab. Presentation on paths to success and selection of sustainable chemicals.
  HSE Strategic Integration Joel Garrett. Provides purposes behind multidisciplinary HSE Approach and General Management Integration, as well as examples and keys to success.
  Listing a Substance Transcript of experience listing silica as a toxic substance in TURA.
  Lucy’s Top Ten Lucy Servidio, TURP Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. Top ten facts to remember for TUR Planning consultants.
  Paradigm Shifts of TURA Presentation on deciding the proper role of TURA in the future. At what point should it compromise?
  Prevention through Design Paul A. Schulte, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Prevention through design and anticipation of morbidity and mortality.
  Primary Prevention for Occupational Health Karla Armenti, NH Division of Public Health Services. Presentation on relationships between P2 and occupational health and worker safety.
  Product Design Tools for Assessment Presentation on how and why chemicals are classified in relation to the consumer, government, advocates, and industry. Also, how alternatives are decided and tested.
  Selecting Building Products Jennifer Atlee BuildingGreen, LLC. Presentation on the process for deciding green products for construction according to GreenSpec.
  Toxics Reduction An Emerging Area of Ontario Law Joseph F. Castrilli, Counsel Canadian Environmental Law Association. Presentation discussing the higher rates of toxic chemicals in use in Ontario.
  Toxics Use Reduction A Perspective from Hindsight  
  TUR and Competitiveness- Alger Donald Alger, Sr. Environmental Engineer Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Background of Allegro and its involvement with the TUR program.
  TUR and Competitiveness- Lizotte Raymond Lizotte Director, Environmental Stewardship Office. APC by Schneider Electric. An explanation of competitive advantage and lessons learned in managing a metal plating shop.
  TUR at Home Robin Dodson, Sarah Dunagan, Julia Brody, Silent Spring Institute. An examination of studies involving household chemicals and their roles as carcinogens.
  TURA Experiences at AlphaGary AlphaGary. Overview of AlphaGary and its successes. Examples of how AlphaGary applied TUR techniques towards success.
  TURA Program Assessment Rachel Massey, Toxics Use Reduction Institute. An overview of the TURA program and an examination of if it has been successful.
  TURA Program Rich Bizzozero, Director OTA. A description of the organization of the TURA program and Science Advisory Board, and how the two work with one another.
  Water Resource Conservation Lightolier. Lightolier is a Philips Group brand, and here they describe their process for asset selection in their manufacturing process. Through sustainable asset selection, Lightolier has significantly increased the efficiency of their operation.
  Workers Health and the Bottom Line Stephen Gauthier, CMFS Trainer Health and Safety Activists. An examination of the methods and effects of exposure of toxic hazards on workers.