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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Session A  
  Energy Recovery from Industrial Waste Streams BMR Thermal, Inc. Details as how to recover lost energy from industrial exhaust.
  Session B  
  Focus on Higher Hazard Substances Heather Tenney, Pam Eliason, and Greg Morose, TURI. TURA and the elimination of Higher Hazard Substances.
  Hex Chrome Alternatives Research Greg Morose, TURI. Covering the uses of hexchrome in defense and aerospace sectors, as well as its dangers and potential replacements.
  Switching from nPB to Aqueous Cleaning  TURI. Presentation on switching from nPB in aqueous cleaning.
  (File update:  Honeywell Solstice Performance Fluid MSDS)  
  Session C  
  Financial Analysis Review TURI. Economic evaluation of potential TUR techniques.
  Session D  
  Hansen Solubility Parameters Daniel F. Schmidt, Assoc. Prof., UMass Lowell Dept. of Plastics Engineering. Defining solubility and quantifying behavior of solvents.
  Methylene Chloride Strippers Issues with Methylene Chloride, and assessments for possible replacements in stripping solvents.
  Session E  
  MassDEP Program Updates Presentation on updates to MassDEP Program.
  Global Toxics Policy Update Raymond Lizotte, Director SEIR Environmental Stewardship Office, Schneider Electric. Blue guide, essential vs. CE marking requirments, and basic requirements because of CE marking requirements.
  Global Toxics Policy Update 2 Jim Sweeney, Senior Director Solution Management, PTC. In-depth overview of global product regulations amidst change. EU and REACH.
  California Proposition 65 Nyree Bekarian Mack. An update on Prop 65 and toxic chemicals listed by the state.
  Implications for Business of Emerging Toxic Policies Mark S. Rossi, PhD, Clean Production Action. GreenScreen working with corporations such as Walmart and Target and switching from passive to active regulation in the market space.
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