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Continuing Education Conference Spring 2012

Spring 2012 A Sustainable Sourcing Approach Greg Montello, Product Compliance Manager, New Balance. A guide on selecting suppliers that are compliant and sustainable.
  Asthma-Related Chemicals in Massachusetts- Poster TURI. An infographic on asthma related chemicals and how to find alternatives.
  B2B Communication of Chemical Data TURI. Green Chemistry and Commerce Council. Presentation detailing issues in B-2-B communication of chemical data in supply chains.
  Cost Analysis of a Wet Cleaning Shop- Poster TURI. Eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in dry cleaning.
  Energy Conservation DOE Best Practices Tools Beka Kosanovic, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department University of Massachusetts – Amherst. Advanced manufacturing office programs technology deployment activities, and an overview of BestPractice Tools.
  Green Materials Supply Chain Management Roger McFadden, Vice President, Senior Scientist Staples, Inc. A demonstration on cooperation between businesses and creating a green supply chain.
  Insurance Costs and TUR SM Graves Creative Associates. A lesson in pricing, market availability, and strong management for the sake of effective loss control.
  Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulations Timothee Rodrique, Director Division of Fire Safety. An overview of fire safety regulations in Massachusetts and their limitations in scope.
  Metal Finishing 101 Chris Capalbo, VP, New Method Plating. An overview of metal finishing, listing the “Big 6” types of metal finishing.
  Modern Trivalent Chrome Plating Technology Comparison Matt Stauffer, PAVCO, Inc. A comparison between trivalent chrome technologies. Sulfate, chloride, and hexavalent.
  N-Propyl Bromide- Poster TURI. An infographic on the health effects, uses, and alternatives.
  Polysaccharide Based Surfactants- Poster TURI. Summary of the problems, uses, and alternatives for polysaccharide based surfactants.
  Precision and Sensitivity of an ATP Meter- Poster TURI. Overview of ATP bioluminescence.
  Preventing Product Based Pollution Roger McFadden, Vice President, Senior Scientist, Staples, Inc. Relating to stakeholders and public concern about toxic chemicals.
  Preventive Emergency Planning Rick Reibstein, Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance. Planning to avoid emergencies related to toxic chemicals.
  Safer Plasticizer Assessment Project An overview of the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3.)
  The Impact of Industrial Ventilation Systems on Energy Conservation Michael J. Ellenbecker, Director, TURI. Principles of ventilation design for contamination control and the impact of ventilation on energy use.
  Tri-Chrome Installation Independent Plating Inc. Meeting customer requests and creating a niche in future markets.
  TURI FY2012 Community Grants- Poster TURI. An infographic about grants for public safety.