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EU to Pilot Projects Modeled after the Toxics Use Reduction Institute

The European Union announced that it will launch a pilot program modeled after the work and mission of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at UMass Lowell.

“Here at TURI, we are proud of our accomplishments and our ability to identify, invent, and test safer alternatives to some of the most challenging uses of toxic chemicals,” said Baskut Tuncak, Director of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute. “For the past three decades, we have helped companies in the state of Massachusetts reduce the use and release of hazardous chemicals use by 75% and 91%, respectively. We continue to build upon our momentum, and we are excited that our work is having a big global impact.”

The 1.55-million-euro pilot project will help businesses in Europe systematically move away from hazardous chemicals over a number of years. The project is expected to foster the creation of an EU-wide substitution center to help companies find and adopt safer and more sustainable alternatives to carcinogens and other substances of very high concern.

According to budgetary documents submitted to Parliament:

“The proposed pilot project would demonstrate the feasibility of a European Substitution Centre modelled after TURI to accelerate the substitution of toxic chemicals with safer alternatives. We propose to identify one or more substances of very high concern for which safer alternatives could be adopted by businesses in the EU, in particular small and medium enterprises.”

EU pilot projects are implemented to test the feasibility of new and innovative measures.

“Our staff looks forward to sharing our knowledge with those who want to enhance our mission,” added Tuncak. “We are humbled that our work and talents have been able to inspire others to take action.”