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Hydrogen Fluoride

Hydrogen Fluoride

Hydrogen fluoride (HF, also known as hydrofluoric acid), is extremely corrosive. Acute exposures are especially hazardous and can result in severe burns, respiratory damage or death. Skin contact can lead to decalcification of underlying bone. Skin contact with HF may not cause immediate pain, so systemic poisoning can begin before the person is aware of the exposure. Skin contact can lead to decalcification of underlying bone. 

U. S. manufacturers use HF to produce fluorocarbons and other fluorine-based chemical products. Metal pickling and etching applications are the primary end-uses for HF in Massachusetts. HF use in Massachusetts has declined over time, but it continues to be used in some applications. HF can also be generated by dissolving ammonium salts, e.g., ammonium bifluoride, in water.

Hydrogen Fluoride is designated as a Higher Hazard Substance under TURA, which lowers the reporting threshold to 1,000 lb/year, effective January 2016.

Information about Hydrogen Fluoride Prepared by the TURA Program 

Content Category  Publication Type Title Year Description
Overview Fact Sheet Hydrogen Fluoride Fact Sheet   TURI Chemical Fact Sheets describe the hazards, exposure routes, uses and alternatives, and regulatory context for selected chemicals.
Policy  Policy Analysis Hydrogen Fluoride Policy Analysis 2014 TURA Policy Analyses are developed as background for state-wide decision-making about individual chemicals and chemical classes.


Other Resources

Source Title Year Description
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Toxicological Profile for Hydrogen Fluoride 2011 The ATSDR toxicological profile succinctly characterizes the toxicologic and adverse health effects information for the hazardous substance described.
New Jersey Department of Health Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet Revised 2017 Overview of HF exposures and health hazards.
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