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The Toxics Use Reduction Act establishes a Toxic or Hazardous Substance List, often referred to as the TURA list. The TURA program maintains other lists to aid Massachusetts businesses in their reporting and planning for their use of toxic chemicals, as required by TURA:

  •  Regulatory: Higher Hazard and Lower Hazard Substance Lists
  •  Informational: More and Less Hazardous Chemicals Lists

Complete List of TURA Chemicals

All toxic or hazardous substances regulated under TURA and subject to reporting and planning requirements are compiled into one list that you can find on the MassDEP website. This list was originally created based on two federal lists: Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or "Superfund"). Any changes to the federal lists are incorporated into the TURA list. In addition, Massachusetts has made other changes to the list over time.

Designation of Higher and Lower Hazard Substances

Under the 2006 Amendments to the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act, the TURA Administrative Council has the authority to designate up to 10 Higher Hazard Substances and up to 10 Lower Hazard Substances per year. The goal of this provision is to help Massachusetts companies and communities focus their toxics use reduction efforts on those chemicals that pose the most serious threats to health and the environment. For more information on Higher and Lower Substances, read this Fact Sheet.

Higher Hazard Substances

The Higher Hazard Substance designation lowers the threshold for reporting, planning, and paying TURA fees to 1,000 pounds per year. Persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic (PBT) substances, as defined by EPA, which have lower reporting thresholds, are also automatically designated as Higher Hazard Substances. View the chemicals on the Higher Hazard Substances list.  

Lower Hazard Substances

The Lower Hazard Substance designation eliminates the per chemical fee. Reporting and planning requirements for these chemicals are unchanged. View the chemicals on the Lower Hazard Substances list.

More and Less Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals designated as Higher Hazard or Lower Hazard Substances are drawn from the TURA More and Less Hazardous Chemical Lists. These lists were created by the TURA Science Advisory Board as an information source.

Listings and Delistings

The TURA Administrative Council makes decisions about adding chemicals to the TURA list (listings) or taking chemicals off the list (delistings). For the most recent information on listings and delistings, download this file.

For additional detail on the history of TURA listings and delistings, see Decision-Making under TURA.