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PFAS information reviewed by the Science Advisory Board

PFAS – per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances – represent a category of thousands of chemicals that are widely used in manufacturing and consumer products, and detected in drinking water. Often described as “forever chemicals” because they never fully break down in the environment, PFAS affect the endocrine and metabolic system, including the liver and thyroid.

SAB Review of Scientific Data on PFAS 

TURI has compiled scientific data on human health and environmental effects (see data in right-hand column) on 12 specific PFAS and provided this information to TURA’s Science Advisory Board. The board has evaluated the data and recommended listing eleven of the compounds on the TURA list. The SAB is further considering additional PFAS that break down into the specific PFAS they have already reviewed.

How TURI Helps Companies Reduce Toxics

Once chemicals are added to the TURA list, companies in Massachusetts would need to report usage and evaluate options for reducing their use. TURI can then help the companies switch to safer substances, which eliminates toxics at the source.