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Decision-Making Under TURA

Bringing together Science, Engineering and Policy

The Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) list of toxic or hazardous substances is designed to be updated over time based on new developments in scientific knowledge, as well as policy considerations.

There are two key areas of decision-making:

  1. Adding substances to, or removing substances from, the TURA list of toxic or hazardous substances.
  2. Designating higher and lower hazard substances within the larger TURA list. Elements of the process described here may also be applicable to other types of decisions under TURA, such as designation of priority user segments. 

Councils & Committees

TURA provides for a multi-stage decision-making process that involves the following Councils & Committees:

The Decision-Making Reference Guide for members of the councils and committees of the TURA program decision-making process reveals a robust and dynamic process for discussion, analysis and stakeholder input.