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ChemGenes Corporation

ChemGenes was named a TURA 25th Anniversary Leader.

  • Reduced the use of chloroform by more than 55 percent and hexane by more than 35 percent.
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency, saving $215,000 in chemical purchases, regulatory fees and disposal costs.
  • Reduced solid waste from 25,000 to 8,000 lbs. per year.
  • Anticipates reducing the use of hexane and ethyl acetate by 27,000 lbs., or 70 percent annually, through the installation of a new solvent recovery and recycling system, purchased with help from a TURI incentive grant.

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Toxics Use Reduction is a tool that we use continuously in our facility because we’ve found that the benefits are extensive – we are protecting worker health and the environment, improving efficiencies and saving money. Receiving the TURA 25th Leadership award validates our work and for that, we are very appreciative.
- Anuj Mohan, Chief Operating Officer, ChemGenes