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Safely Clean & Disinfect

With decades of experience testing the performance of safer cleaning chemicals, TURI offers guidance on how to reduce viral exposures AND avoid unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals. 

Select Safer Disinfectants

TURI has identified disinfecting products on EPA's List N that contain safer active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide*, alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or ethanol), citric acid, and lactic acid, among others. Avoid products that contain bleach, phenols or quaternary ammonium compounds (“quats”). Learn more.

Protect Health by Adhering to these Disinfecting Safety Measures

To help prevent the spread of viruses like SARS-CoV2 it is important to clean and disinfect hard surfaces such as countertops, faucet handles, doorknobs and anything else that is frequently touched. However, disinfectants that contain EPA-registered pesticides can cause health effects, including asthma (see TURI's fact sheet). Follow these safety guidelines (appropriate for both consumers and businesses).

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