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Mark Richey Woodworking: Resource Conservation and TUR

Mark Richey Woodworking crafts and installs high end architectural woodwork across the country and maintains a reputation as a leader in environmental innovations. The company has taken many steps to proactively reduce its use of toxic chemicals, reduce waste and improve worker safety. 

The company’s energy conservation projects include the biomass boiler that heats the building, powered by waste sawdust and wood chips from the production floor.

With additional investments in solar arrays and a wind turbine, the company is generating nearly 100 percent of its own energy while saving thousands of dollars per year. The company has also reduced volatile organic compounds by 12 tons due to investments in a solvent recycling unit, an ultrasonic spray gun cleaner, a robotic spray line and the use of water-based coatings.

At a TURI-sponsored demonstration event in October 2017, companies had an opportunity to tour the manufacturing facility and learn how to move toward waterborne and low VOC finishes.