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Demonstration Sites

TURI offers grant funding to companies innovating in toxics use reduction or resource conservation to conduct on site demonstrations of their activities for their industry peers. The demonstrations include information about the technologies and the challenges and benefits faced by the company in implementing changes.  These demo events have included

  • Professional wet cleaning and steam cleaning systems for apparel
  • Process water conservation
  • Effective TUR in product formulation
  • Analog Process Water Demonstration
    Using Lean Manufacturing and  Six Sigma for TUR
  • Techniques for organic lawn care
  • Metal plating line conversion 
  • Solvent recovery and recycling
  • Innovative janitorial cleaning technologies
  • Using water based paints in an auto body shop

Please check the TURI calendar for upcoming demos.  If you are a business interested in showing your TUR or resource conservation technique, please contact Pam Eliason, pam@turi.org or 978-934-3142.