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Best Neighborhood Cleaners

TURI awarded Best Neighborhood Care Dry Cleaner (BNC) of Medford, MA a $16,000 matching grant in 2009 to convert its shop from a drop-off facility to a dedicated professional wet cleaning facility. The shop previously conducted laundry operations on-site and sent out garments for dry cleaning at a shop using perchloroethylene (or perc).

To accommodate the new professional wet cleaning equipment, including a washer, dryer, and tensioning equipment, BNC expanded into the store front next door.

Currently, garments which would have otherwise been dry cleaned using perc are cleaned on-site in professional wet cleaning equipment and shirts are laundered on-site. The facility operates with about 2.5 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) and processes an average of 100 items per day in the wet cleaning system and launders about 500 shirts per day. 

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More Info

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I operated two perc facilities in the past, and wet cleaning technology is much safer for me and my staff, my customers and the community.
Tom Nguyen