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We've heard so many horror stories about how the chemicals affect the health of many...house cleaners. The chemicals also affect the health of the clients they serve and the environment, but the cleaners are the ones that are badly affected.
- Heloisa Galvao, co-founder of the Vida Verde cooperative

Janitorial Cleaning Products

Traditional cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause short term ailments such skin, eye, lung irritation, and longer-term health problems such as occupational asthma, organ damage, or potentially cancer. Of particular concern are workers in the cleaning profession who are exposed almost daily thru breathing fumes and skin contact with these products.

According to Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s SENSOR Work-Related Asthma surveillance project, indoor air pollutants (21%) and cleaning products (17%) accounted for the most frequently reported cases of occupational asthma between 1993 and 2002. Cleaning product ingredients reported in on-the-job asthma cases included irritants such as acids, ammonia or bleach; and disinfectants such as formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, and quaternary ammonia compounds.

Other products used by janitorial staff such as floor strippers also impact indoor air quality and are hazardous to workers.

TURI Laboratory Helps Companies, Product Manufacturers and Institutions Find Safer and Effective Cleaners

The TURI Laboratory has been helping metal finishing and other manufacturing facilities and institutions identify safer and effective alternatives to hazardous solvents used for cleaning since 1993.

With an increase in demand for green cleaners by major institutions like schools, hospitals, and government buildings that require adherence to standards, the TURI Laboratory has been also conducting janitorial product performance testing to certify “Green” product claims. The Lab also works with product formulators to evaluate the effectiveness of the products. 


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