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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2021

Materials for the fall 2021 continuing-education virtual conference sessions are included on this page.


Thursday, November 4

Session A: Lean Manufacturing and TUR:  Two great things that go well together!  

Handouts/pre-reading for Session A:

     "Lean Manufacturing, the Environment and the Bottom Line"
     "Kettle Cuisine Refines its Cleaning Process"
     "Food Manufacturer Shrinks Chemical Use"
     "Ophir Optics: Toxics Use Reduction through Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma"

Session A speaker profile  
Presentation slides: "Lean Manufacturing and TUR" · Bruce Hamilton, GBMP
Recording of Webinar  
Session B: Fundamentals: Building a Creative TUR Team  

Handouts for Session B:

     "Engagement Diamond"
     Scenarios for breakout discussion

Presentation slides: "TURA Program Update / Fundamentals: Building a Creative TUR Team" · Liz Harriman, TURI
· Pam Eliason, TURI
Recording of Webinar  

Monday, November 8

Session C: Water Conservation in the Age of Climate Change  

Handout/pre-reading for Session C:

     "Gelatin Manufacturing Process"
     "Water Conservation Fact Sheet"
     "WaterSense at Work"

Session C speaker profiles  
Presentation slides: "Water Conservation in the Age of Climate Change" · Vandana Rao, Mass EOEEA
Presentation slides: "Water: Industrial Use, Technologies & Practices" · Jim Cain, Mass OTA
Presentation slides: "Saving Water with WaterSense" · Tara O'Hare, EPA
Recording of Webinar  

Tuesday, November 9

Session D: PFAS: What You Need To Know and Do  

Handout/pre-reading for Session D:

     TURI's PFAS information page

Presentation slides: "Proposed PFAS NOL Listing: What you need to know" · Heather Tenney, TURI
· Caredwen Foley, Mass OTA
Recording of Webinar   
Session E: Metal Finishing and TUR Solutions  

Handouts/pre-reading for Session E:

     "River Street Metal Finishing Filters Acid to Reduce Chemical Use"
     "15 Years of Zero Acid Disposal Using PRO-pHx"
     "Recovery of sulfuric acid aqueous solution from copper-refining sulfuric acid wastewater using nanofiltration membrane process" (shared for educational purposes only; to avoid copyright infringement, please do not distribute further)
     "Electronic products industry supply chain: Summary of four phases of research efforts for conversion to lead-free electronics design and manufacturing"
     "Hex Chromium-Free Sealants for Defense and Aerospace"
     "Evaluation of Hexavalent Chromium Free Bond Primers for Aerospace and Defense Applications"
     "Pollution Prevention (P2) Checklist for Metal Finishing Operations (Draft)"

Session E speaker profiles  
Presentation slides: "Cleaning Chemical Reduction in Metal Finishing" · Dave Fister, NYSP2I at RIT (retired)
Presentation slides: "Pollution Prevention Practices (P2) in Metal Finishing Operations" · Miguel Rodas, LASAN
Presentation slides: "Collaborative Research with Aerospace/Defense Industry for Hexavalent Chromium Solutions" · Greg Morose, TURI
Recording of Webinar