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Continuing Education Conference Fall 2016


Supply Chain Sustainability Plenary Speaker: James McCabe, Waters Corp
TURA Program Update  
Session A  
Materials Accounting Refresher Dwight Peavey, US EPA
Session B  
TSCA and REACH Update Rachel Massey, Toxics Use Reduction Institute 
Session C  
Worker Health and Safety Hilary Hackbart, MA Department of Labor Studies
Worker Exposure to Common Chemicals Thomas Estabrook, The New England Consortium 
On Site Consultation Program Susan Shepherd, MA Department of Labor Standards
Session D  
Preliminary Alternative Assessment Using P2OASys Alicia McCarthy, Toxics Use Reduction Institute Lab
The Industrial Testing Process Rhoda Gindi, Toxics Use Reduction Institute Lab
Using Hansen Solubility Parameters for Identifying Safer Solvent Alternatives Gregory Morose, Toxics Use Reduction Institute 
What Else Do You Need to Know Jason Marshall, Toxics Use Reduction Institute Lab
Session E  
Using Safety Data Sheets for Planning Mary Butow and Liz Harriman, Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Dwight Peavey, US EPA
Session F  
OTA Software Tools & Utility Energy Efficiency Incentives John Raschko, MA Office of Technical Assistance
Opportunities Success and Exercise  
Utility Bills and Opportunities